Up close in stereo

Comes a busy day I don’t get to work….  Late at night, I survey the day wondering where the time went, wanting to just do — something.  A couple nights ago was like that.  There was a bag of apples at the table where I was bemoaning the busyiness of modern life.   And my eyes were lighting on those apples in the translucent bag.  I began marveling at the colors — the intense colors of the apples and their muted counterparts seen through the bag.

Then the inner light bulb flashed!  I invoked my “five minute rule” that says it’s better to draw, even if for only five minutes, than to do no drawing at all.  It turned out to be much longer than five minutes, and I was destined to be sleep-deprived the next morning — though the better for it … and I drew my apples.

They were practically right under my nose.  Oh, that turns out to be as fascinating as the colors.  One eye sees something, and the other sees something else.  Up that close, the stereo is unmistakable!  I didn’t know where to put the rungs of the bag!  “Here” or “here”?   My choices ended up being like coin tossings.

One eye is bound to be disappointed, but what are you going to do?