If you want to know the inner contents of your mind, rather than looking at somebody else’s butterfly ink-stain pictures, make some of your own — then look into the in-between details.  There in the indefinable whatever of your heedless marks — those that you made while your mind was all fixed upon some idea — those that look so crisp and abstract when removed from their context — that’s where you look.

And if you want to peer even deeper, stack a bunch of those randomized details one on top of the other, as I’m doing here.  You can find the inner corridors of your brain and you can take a little walk around in there.

Wow, it’s dark in here.  Anybody got a flashlight?

What you’re supposed to do with this deep psychological information is anybody’s guess.  But I know where you can look to find it.  It’s there in the hidden whatcha-ma-call-it moments of the picture.  Your own Rorschach upon which you can endlessly Dr Freud-analyze yourself!

And it’s so deep.  

4 thoughts on “Your own personal Rorschach test

  1. everything is really abstract — that is the funny thing, isn’t it? but people do come to realize it in time ….

    bravo! to your workshop folks and how lucky they are to have you for a teacher, Ben

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