Sometimes the point is just to be living.  Doing work, having a schedule, being busy, being responsible even — they are all necessary parts of life.  But I found too that walking down the hallway and noticing the carpet gives me a different relatedness to time.  And noticing whatever just happens to be around — not in an artistic way, but in a very non-artistic way — I discovered that this is important too.  Sometimes you have to take time to just notice that life is here all around you.

There is a way of being that is to life/work/responsibility what a scribble is to painting.

I thought that being an artist made me a better observer — and in a technical sense, it’s probably true that artists observe some aspects of things more astutely than do the non-artists.  But I failed to realize that paying attention to things without making any purpose of it — to merely look around, to watch and wander through at least parts of the day — I discovered that I needed this.  It has been like taking a vacation to another planet.

Only the planet is this planet.  I have landed on earth.  And it’s a pretty nice place.


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