Sometimes your friends’ blogs are the things that really set your mind spinning.

The way you muse about the meaning of the word “medium” is quite evocative.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard the meaning of medium in art expressed more aptly.  The choice of materials shapes an image so much more than most people think.  A medium can make certain effects very difficult to accomplish or it can make their acquisition smoother.  Sometimes that difficulty is exactly what one needs, too, for the sake of a kind of invention.  Equally much sometimes the ease with which certain media help a picture is like a God-sent blessing.  And whether it is easy or difficult — in either case — the medium poses limits around which art has to accept its confinement.  A picture is not the thing, but a parallel world to real things.  A picture is about thoughts about things.  Sometimes it’s like an echo cardiogram, a picture of how the heart responded to waves reflected against its surfaces.

Your autoportrait is very striking, uses its medium in a brilliant way.  And yet it conceals as much as reveals.  The walls a medium builds are as interesting as its windows and doors.

This is the comment I left at Benedicte’s blog today after reading what she said about the way that a medium in art is a bridge.  I was wondering what I could post at my blog, and after writing this at Ben’s blog I realized — “that’s it!  there’s an idea.”

Her comment just prompted all this hand waving and “gotta say something” from me.  Like the little kid at school, I find myself wiggling in the seat, hand shot straight up, “ooh, ooh, I know!”  Sometimes your friends make you feel positively brilliant!  One of the umteen reasons to extoll the wonders of friendship.


5 thoughts on “Echoes

  1. So true about finding inspiration on friends’ blogs. I read this post after I linked to your blog on mine yesterday and the additional coincidence about media in art being a bridge (as I completed a series in different media) made me laugh!

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