I never quite realize how happily working on the koi pictures gets my whole brain humming along   They are large drawings, and a great part of the thrill of working on them comes from their size.  I can hone in on a “small” part of the picture — which is really the size of a “regular” drawing.  And yet I can also move through the picture, taking in its large possibilities.

The process of bringing the picture into being is gradual.  It happens in steps of quiet transformation.  It provides steady work too.  And it’s always good to have something to do.


4 thoughts on “always the koi

  1. Ah, you are so gifted. If I had a giant house, I would want one of your koi paintings hanging on a white wall in a white room. I have a teeny colorful house with some of my own old paintings squashed haphazardly on the walls. Very cozy. But not conductive to collecting art as lovely as yours.

  2. Thank you, Squirrel, for these kind words. If you ever get a big house let me know! My koi need a big pond! Someone was asking me yesterday how many of the large drawings I’ve made so far and I realized that I don’t know. I’m not even going to count either. I’m just going to keep drawing the koi.

  3. I do love their little mouths opening in anticipation 😉 I watched a show about Koi and the Japanese the other night and I can understand how a person would get obsessed – they are magnificent creatures.

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