Hidden in the dense forest of painting is a bright-colored bird.  There’s also a finished painting in there, too, but I have to fight my way through a thicket of confused ideas before I find it.  I start paintings and sometimes bring them quite a ways along before setting them aside.  The reasons for quitting work are subtle, but necessary — when I find that I simply cannot seem to go forward.  From long habit, I now recognize that the impasse has a purpose.  And after setting the thing to the wall or burying it far back in the stack of canvases, one bright day I stumble upon it as though it were a previously unknown creature and discover that I have a whole new relation to it and a brand new set of shiny ideas.

There’s a painting like that now, which I have pulled out of the pile.  It’s time to resume work on it.  And somewhere in this picture a bright tropical bird is almost ready to sing.  Ah, all I need is to work my way through that thick forest.

5 thoughts on “Hidden in the dense forest of painting

  1. It is always good to have a break from a work in progress (is anything really finished) – a poem, a picture, a story – all need time to ferment or decant (as Benedicte would say) – to breathe (I feel a poem coming on 😉 )

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