What is the first thing you should draw?  What do you choose to draw?  A landscape?  A face?  Still life objects?

What is the first thing you notice?  Why did you notice that, you suppose?  When did I first find art enchanting?  Or life, when did I realize that I am part of the spectacle?

A baby cooing, a laugh, a cry.  The intake of air.  The bracing cold of the atmosphere.  The warmth of sun.  Feeling oneself in tropical suspension with the everythingness of all.

What should the first line describe?  Why am I noticing?  This and not that?  Or that and not this?

5 thoughts on “First things

  1. This is very nice as an abstract design. I think you should expand it as a painting.

    I’m too ADD to know what made me notice anything.

  2. Thank you, Bill. I probably have painted it sometime or other. I am always painting the same motifs over and over. Sometimes my landscapes even have koi in them (and vice versa).

    Your ADD, mine is OCD I guess!

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