Today’s episode of scribbling catches me drawing the images on objects in the still life.  A tin jar has a bird and floral motif on a dark field with all kinds of lines running through it.  And I propped a greeting card against a vase: the card has flowers on a black background.  I drew bits of each while having coffee this morning.  They get sort of morphed together here in my scribble.  Each scribble by itself is about the size of a postage stamp.

I like to have things in a still life that have pictures in them.  And while I’m not working on a still life, it’s fun to just draw the stuff in little random bits — just to be looking at it.

All this is also a way of paying tribute to the anonymous artists who made the images on the stuff.  How much gratitude one feels for the images that are everywhere around, made by innumerable “somebodies” out there to adorn the world.


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