I have been watching how-to videos on Youtube.  There’s a great variety of them to choose from, some of which have the potential to teach genuine ideas and some that are awful, but amusing in unintented ways.  As for myself, however, I was always a reluctant student.  I took lots of art classes when I was young, of course, but I had such strong notions of what I thought mattered and very little patience for being led down someone else’s path that it’s only in my maturer years that I have any interest in art instructional methods.

Perhaps I might have met with fewer hard knocks had I just listened to others.  But to tell the truth, I am glad I was a poor student, and I’d do it all over again: for confronting the world’s resistance does in itself teach a powerful lesson.

One gathers that lots of people want to know how to do art, but the real way of art is simply to work.  You want something.  You try for it.  You fail.  You try again.

If I were to give one bit of advice it would be this: go about the business of art as a child plays at a game.  Let’s say there’s a bucket over there and you have a pile of rocks.  Throw the rocks at the bucket.  How many make it in?  That is the paradigm for success in drawing: how many rocks make their way into the bucket?  And how many of the lines that you’ve drawn resemble the thing?

There is no short cut nor should you want one.  The beauty of throwing rocks in a bucket is that you throw rocks in a bucket.


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