Glancing back over 2011 and asking myself what were its best gains for me in terms of my art, I think it came toward the year’s end when I decided that I would do pochades.  For many years I set my sights on big things, partly because I wanted to find out if I could do them.  That journey led into some wonderful places that I plan to continue visiting, as for instance the koi ponds.  But when I turned my attention to making pochades, it was with a realization that I had perhaps forgotten how to make small paintings.  And I needed to come back to this once familiar ground and relearn its lessons.

And that’s the lesson I’m eager to carry forward into 2012, this year full of wonderfully round numbers!  Indeed, I want to combine the old habit of visiting the koi pond of thought to see what new ideas it brings and to do its opposite also in the making of small quick pictures.  I want big expansive pools of big healthy frisky koi.  And I want little sketches of colored land and sky small enough to hold in your hand, something that I can do in a couple brief sittings.

I love the beginning of the year because it provides a natural moment for reviewing the past and for making new plans.  And I love to plan!  I love the empty page full of possibility and light!

May the blank pages of possibility on your 2012 calendar fill with good things and happy spirit’s adventure!


6 thoughts on “A year of small moments

  1. I often encourage artists (that love the big, sweeping canvases) to work on smaller pieces. From a buyer’s perspective, if I love the work but can’t afford or have space for a large piece, a small piece might just work for me. A small piece might also eventually lead to a large canvas – which I have done in the past. PS: Love your work!

  2. I was always impressed by the (big) size of your canvas.
    I am impressed by the details in your small sizes. Just the important details.
    Bonne année Aletha, la reine des pochades!

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