I was at the koi pond this week, visiting fishes that I have sorely neglected.  What have I been doing lately anyway?  Feels like a whirlwind.  Well, the end of one year moving into the beginning of a new one can feel that way.  I know I was drawing still life and doodling some landscape ideas and this week I returned finally to my fishes (who pretended not to recognize me).  Is rather like juggling roses and shrubs and koi.  Quite a circus act, that would be.

Well, after a suitable interval of distain the fishes stopped being coy.  Then it was just koi I juggled.  And they tumble into a bunch in the detail above, bustling and crowding one another.

I have a bunch of ideas for new ponds.  One pretends that art works will follow each other in some kind of logical sequence.  But it never quite works that way.  The impulse to do this or that happens higgledy-piggledy.  The real work of picture making is a melange.  It just is.

The koi need to understand.  But they did persuade me to come back soon.

7 thoughts on “Juggling fishes

  1. Thank you,Val. The koi picture featured here is actually a drawing made using Caran d’Ache watersoluble crayons on Arches watercolor paper. It’s approximately 60 x 50 inches. I have occasionally made large koi paintings. The largest koi painting of this type that I’ve done is 70 x 50 inches.

  2. I really like the movement here… because of my own particular perspective, I like the parts of this drawing best where you approach full-on abstraction. There’s a fine line between the two worlds of realism and abstraction that you are working on… I like that!

  3. Thank you, Ann, for your kind words. Your comments are very encouraging. Actually it was to explore abstraction-that-has-subject matter that I originally began doing the koi. My koi have always been a bit blurry, always on the move, never having very much anatomical detail for that reason. I wanted the larger pattern and shapes. And the living animals have always been willing to oblige.

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