I have been thinking about thinking, reading about thinking too.  Can’t say exactly what I learned though because I was watching thoughts move, and they mostly seem to flow like water.  They go by so quickly that it’s hard to catch one before it’s gone.

But then there’s another one.  Have you ever had a bunch of good ideas, and you watched them and thought “wow” those are neat.  And yet afterwards you couldn’t have told anyone what they were.

Sometimes ideas scatter like a flock of birds.  Truly I don’t quite think they were my ideas, but were migrating electrons that appeared in my head, danced in wave after wave like fire flies and then as mysteriously disappeared.

And the afterwards is like the memory of a lovely summer night in which flower bloom aromas drifted upon the air.  How I would like to put them into a vase of blue with light shining through and keep them.


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