Sleepy this morning, mobile even before the alarm sounded, I got up, wandered into the living room and looked at the clock on the wall without my glasses, and as I leaned in to see the numbers on the dial I saw a bright flash!  Behind me a bolt of lightening had just shot through the air outdoors, reflecting in the clock face from the window behind me.  Then the clouds let fly and the storm was roaring.  Now there’s a dramatic way to wake up!

What a beautiful storm ensued.  And after it was done and the sun had risen, what a spectacular light poured over everything, the trees, the lawns, the road, and the pavement outside.

What I paint and what happens in my life are often very different things.  How I would love to be the sort of painter who could drop everything and respond to a magnificent storm.  Was Turner like that, I wonder?  Or Monet?  Or our American Winslow Homer?

Hold everything!  Commute to school??  I don’t think so!  I’ve got paintings to paint!

In my dreams ….


4 thoughts on “Ka-boom!

  1. Morning storms are good . What we both need is a good manservant 😉 to drive the children to school, make the lunches, do the paperwork, cook healthy meals, supervise homework and teeth cleaning, pay the bills, attend to tedious tax, and other such stuff that gets in the way of art – haha 😉

  2. Genial servants would be nice, indeed, Gabe. And solicitious helpful storms would be a boon as well. If a thunderstorm could be persuaded to produce beautiful light effects and sit nice and still so that its portrait might be easily rendered, oh, that would be so fine!

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