To open your eyes each morning and find light pouring into your head, tapping the optic nerve and stimulating sight, isn’t it amazing?  As soon as I get up, I routinely go to the window, peer through the blinds,  and look outside.  There’s always something interesting on the other side.

Something about the impulse to draw is as basic as this.  You open your eyes and find a world outside.  And all that remains is to grab something that writes and begin making lines.  Maybe the first artists did something like this.  How magical it must have seemed to them.  How magical it truly is.

May we always have that sense of the magic of reality, how miraculous it is to gaze upon a world.


2 thoughts on “Eyes Open

  1. It is magical as is that portrait 🙂 I find it amazing that some animals and birds see the world differently then we do – more or less colours, more or less acuity, more or less range and periphery – many worlds in the one world.

  2. The impulse to draw is like the impulse to dance or sing.
    A basic needs for everyone. I am glad I can do lines publicly, because my two other basic needs are not that great, have to keep them private!
    A magnificent portrait Aletha!

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