I have neglected my little blog lately while I rethink my path forward.  It’s not been so much a case of “writer’s block” for I have been writing copiously in my little notebooks in that arena of my life that is strictly low tech.  But I have lacked ideas for blogging.

And I guess it shows!

And I cannot present my paintings here for a season — though there’s plenty of paintings in the archives, of course.  For reasons that I cannot quite explain, the paintings I’m doing right now need to be secret.  Koi can be shy.  And these koi need quiet at the pond, invisibility, freedom.  So I have planned to write less about painting and more about …

well, more about something or other — just as soon as I figure it out.  Meanwhile, drawing a creamer is always good for keeping yourself busy while you’re figuring.

Regular readers know that I am my stuff.  That’s me up there!  Me as a creamer… yeah, it’s kind of weird.

6 thoughts on “New path ways in the Blogging Life

  1. The beautiful thing in blogging is “liberté”
    Free for writing, non writing, writing about art, then writing about food or whatever.
    Your alter ego pitcher above seems like napping on a pillow with a nice light blanket on the feet, I can see the eye closed near to the handle.
    Bonne sieste et reviens reposée.

  2. aloha Aletha – i agree with Benedicte. one of the things i believe i mentioned in responding to Gabrielle’s two questions on her guest blog post…or i should have if i didnt… that i like about blogging is that i get to do it my own way. so i post what i want to post when i want to post. and if it’s fun i’m very likely to do another.

    i like your creamer – it feels nestled and safe and knowing exactly what it is doing there. cool on that. aloha.

  3. ‘me as a creamer’ – haha 🙂 blogging without obligation is the nane of the game Aletha. I love your creamer (and it is one of my favourite words as well).

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