After news reports of the kidnapping of an Australian poem, held for an enormous ransom (the story broke at poet Gabrielle Bryden’s blog), my koi are refusing to come to the surface of the pond.  Moreover, they are refusing to be painted.  Efforts to paint them, thus far, produce only pale grisaille images of very ephemeral koi.  These “ghost” kois have hidden themselves behind the veil of anti-art out of fear that they might also be kidnapped and held for ransom.

Well, that — and the spreading rumor that I was going to begin a series of Blue Heron paintings ….

However do these rumors get started ???

2 thoughts on “After Kidnapping, Fear Spreads

  1. hahaha – tell your wonderful Koi they are safe for all eternity – because they are truly magnificent representations of art (Gina Rinehart on the other hand hasn’t got an artistic bone in her bounteous body – she is just a mega rich mining magnate on a mission to be the richest and most powerful person on the planet)

  2. Well, they might believe me when I tell them they’ll never be kidnapped and held for an art ransom, but I’m not sure they’ll believe me when I say that I really have no plans for any blue heron paintings. We know somebody, you see, whose little back yard koi pond was visited — frequently — by an enterprising blue heron. Of course, koi are not native to Maryland and blue herons are, but the herons don’t seem to mind an exotic little snack when they can get one. Or even a large colorful and expensive exotic snack!

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