Sitting in the car waiting during the violin lesson, I drew a fast sketch of koi for a painting I’m working on back at my studio.  The June heat made the wax pencils respond more smoothly and knowing I had to jump out of the car in a few moments to fetch my kid quickened the pace of my drawing.

A drawing like this isn’t about what the drawing looks like, it’s more about looking at the ideas and thinking idly (if quickly) about them.  And yet, I love scribbles.  And sometimes it happens that later on, looking at a little sketch like this will bring back to memory the sensation of the whole moment.


5 thoughts on “Violin Lesson

  1. Another commonalityor two! I also draw while I wait for my two kids at their fiddle lessons. I always have felt that if I sketch something that when I look at the sketch it brings back the entire memory of the moment in which it was created, no matter how mundane it may have seemed at the time.

  2. Fiddle lessons are great times to draw! Very much a two-fer experience. Two-fer times two in your case, incidental learner.

  3. I have been known to play violin in my car, Gabe. It is so crazy — having to push the seat all the way back and shift to the side and hold the bow weirdly — you must have picked up my subliminal message!

    In contrast, it is much easier to draw in the car while waiting for the other fiddle player …

  4. do you remember the color of your dreams’ I dont

    Sometimes I have dreams where I afterwards recall colors, the more vivid the dream, the more likely it includes a sense of color — for me. Dream recall is a strange phenomenon, that’s for sure.

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