In the veiled and imminent dawn you can dream a different kind of dream.  In this soft light, inside these paled thoughts, everything is so much more possible.  The quiet haze of heavy thoughts amorphous holds inside its fuzzy boundaries ideas whose exact shapes are unknown, and in their uncertainty offer possibilities too many to count.

How I try to use these dreams of semi-wakefulness.  The half actual shapes, the lines whose endings cannot be imagined.  When asking questions is like holding the pen, and the words that your mind speaks back to you in halting phrases are lines whose character the time has yet to determine.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming in the daytime

  1. I really like that drawing 🙂 Good to see the fishies in the picture. ‘When asking questions is like holding the pen’ – true and wise words Aletha. Not just asking questions though – the mere verbalisation of a thought, dream or action – has that effect I find. I often have found that when I describe a dream to a friend, out loud, that I have an aha moment as I realise what it means.

  2. That’s wonderful, Gabe. The “aha” moment is such a fabulous thing, to discern the meaning of things is always wonderful. Especially of a dream, and to get special insight into your own mind.

  3. The more I draw, the less I am willing to verbalize. I find it difficult to express in words. that is why I love reading you.
    You always impress me with your ability of expressing yourself in words.

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