The materials shape the longing.  You can want a precise line.  You can want your fish to swim sleek as a knife through the water on the pointed pencil edge.  Or you can have them crashing into the water with their sides thrashing flat against planes of liquid tension with colors popping lose from the shapes that formerly held them until the whole thing is chaos.

The materials can shape the longing of the physical reality into different forms, and thus loosed, one dream can transpose into another dream that’s very different from the first.


3 thoughts on “chaos drawing

  1. I’m glad you like it, Ben. I do lots of “chaos” drawings but I guess I don’t usually post them. Maybe I should post more of them ….

  2. food for thought is the longing of physical reality into other
    forms. Abstractions also have shapes because our humble
    senses have no other way to report whats going on outside.

    Very true. Everything is abstract. Except that which is real.

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