Absolutely no photography allowed!!!

I just returned from the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC where I got my first look at the just opened Willem van Aelst exhibit.  Evidently most peoples’ reactions to seeing these intensely realistic-looking paintings is to take a photograph, and photography is prohibited (since the paintings are all loaned by various different parties some of whom don’t want their property photographed).  The guard was having to tell people over and over again while I was there, “No photography!”  I said to him that the invention of the camera was the bane of his existence, and he corrected me: “No, the cell phone is the bane of my existence.”

So, obviously everyone should do like me and make a drawing!  There’s no prohibition against drawing.  This drawing is a detail from, “Still life with Snail,” one of the several ornate and sumptuous still lifes.  It’s a beautiful exhibit.  Sharpen your pencils, everyone, and get thee there.  (And leave your camera at home.)

I keep my brain in a jar

My less charitable relatives used to tell me I had rocks for brains.  This morning over coffee I thought I would portray them, my “brains,”  in a quick drawing — one of those kinds of drawings that is most enjoyable to make in which you while away time by simultaneously watching and pencil pushing.  So I made this fast drawing of a jar of rocks that I keep on the window sill.  I figure that if I ever lose my mind, I can always use these instead.

Always a good idea to have a spare, you know what I mean …?