I am discussing ideas from Mona Brookes’s inestimable book “Drawing with Children.”  The first part of the discussion can be found HERE.

Her third sentence for gauging one’s confidence is the easiest to treat.  It is this: “Drawing is simply for pleasure and has no practical use.”

Before we counter by innumerating all the purely practical or not-so-artistic uses for drawing, let’s contemplate the implications of what’s being implied about pleasure by condensing the sentence this way: “Pleasure has no practical use.”

Well, only if you plan to spend your life being miserable.

Should life be drudgery?  Raise your hand if you think so ….  I’m not seeing many hands raised.  You mean you guys want to have fun??  Hey, me too!

Drawing isn’t always pleasurable, but whenever it is I say “Yea!”  So here’s to pleasure.  Let’s party.  Start drawing.

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