I dug out my watercolor papers and tools this morning.  Found a koi drawing I had done in watercolor, and seeing it made me want to do them in watercolor again.  Fish should be wet.

Revisiting your old drawings is a wonderful way to get started on new ones.  Ideas that fascinated you in the past come back to you with powerful emotions.

And it’s a fine feeling to be heeding the siren call of my own prior ideas.

2 thoughts on “Putting the fish back into the water

  1. Squirrel,

    An effect of photography makes the paper look pink. The drawing is on white watercolor paper bound in a large black notebook (16.5 x 13 inches).

    Sometimes depending upon the light, the white page of a drawing notebook might have a pink or orangish cast, and when I’m drawing I love the changing appearance of the materials as they reflect back the changing light.

    Here it was an accident of editing the photo but sometimes that effect is right there on the page in the actual ambient light.

    I’m glad the post makes you feel like painting again.


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