It will sound strange.  But that thrill is why one draws.  I was looking at the crystal creamer and finding myself thoroughly confused.  What with its complicated transparencies and my bi-focal befuddlements, I couldn’t tell what was where.  My drawing makes it seem simple when the real object and the real sensation is utterly mind boggling.  The crystal creamer is a labyrinth of lozenges and fond patterns.

Perhaps in other drawings I can get at the confusions and portray them.  For now I want to hold fast to the thrill of making this drawing — this drawing that I made just five minutes ago –because the ball point pen’s delicacy makes these lines, as you draw them, feel like glass.  How the medium and the object seem well suited!

I cannot say enough good things about this pen, this common dime store pen.

2 thoughts on “thrill of the lines

  1. Aletha, it is like following a story published little by little.
    I receive your post in my email account and read with delight, then think, then , oops, an other one comes…you are so productive, a writing-drawing fairy!
    I see exactly what creamer you have.

  2. Ben,

    I found the writing-drawing fairies in my backyard. Gabrielle said there were fairies out there! I put those fellas right to work!

    Wow, that is neat that you know which creamer. I still haven’t had a chance to get back to it today. It sits beside the computer and taunts me.


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