Yielding to the Right

After yesterday’s plunge into the right side of my brain (discussed in the previous post), I decided to fully embrace my right hemisphere.  I unabashedly begin from left to right.

But I put my koi into little squares for the sake of my rational left hemisphere.  Don’t want it sitting there with nothing to do.


Mystery to Oneself

Can anyone tell what it is?  Or am I the only one who knows?  This drawing looks very strange to me.  I know — of course I know — what I drew.  And I see the original in it.  But it was very confusing to sort out, and I’m not sure if others see it or if it looks sort of abstract and scribbly.

When I was doing the actual drawing I had considered making a photo of the thing in medias res since I became quite convinced of that theory about visual perception being strongly right-brain hemispheric because about half-way through this drawing it barely had a right side.  Almost the entire drawing was on the left.  I had put just enough of a “right” for there to be a left, and meanwhile the left side of the drawing was elaborately worked out.

I think it still has more left than right.  It’s a complicated image, and that seemed to fuel the sidedness even more.  I am a mystery to myself.

So I ask you, world, how did I do?