There’s a traditional kind of drawing called “trois couleurs” where you use three colors of reddish, white and brown chalks to simulate skin tones and create dimensional figures.  I’ve been so enthrall to my blue ball point pen lately that I began wondering what it would be like to do “trois coleurs en bleu” using different kinds of pens.  So I bought several different brands of pens and have begun trying them out in different ways.

Naturally I have to do some koi using these blue pens.  These are test koi.  They’re floating in a pocket notebook and the darks hatched around them give me much practice making parallel lines.

It’s rather therapeutic and calming, let me assure you.

5 thoughts on “Blue in blue

  1. Trevlig blogg, tack för att skapa en fin bild det var så snällt av dem.

    Google translate: “Nice blog, thanks for creating a nice picture, it was so nice of them.”

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