Today’s morning coffee drawing features a rice bowl with dense interior and exterior patterns that I begin learning in a shadowy way.  I draw these things directly.  Typically my ellipses tend to stretch out into strange shapes.  They respond to the pull of powerful space-time warps.  Lots of art books will show you how to draw ellipses in perspective.  But I like to draw a thing as I perceive it.  (I did correct the one above somewhat.)  For whatever reason my mind perceives the left and right sides of the bowl’s shape in different sizes, locations, proportions, so to some extent I let myself follow these whimsies.  It prompts my curiosity.

Sometime I will eschew all embarrassment and just go down the entire path of the space-time warp and see where it leads.  But today for convention’s sake I reined myself in and corrected the ellipse.

But I didn’t use the book method.  I made myself see it like this, so much more neat and regular.

5 thoughts on “Going round the ellipse

  1. Aletha, you’re inspiring me to draw for its own sake. Lately I’ve been doing a few prelim drawings for larger painting projects and then drawing my picture on the paper or canvas–no “just drawing.” I’m now changing that.

  2. Frank, I’m so glad you commented. Your comment helps me so much. (We can mutually benefit each other!) I wasn’t sure, really, whether I should post incidental drawings like the rice bowl. It isn’t “finished” — there’s nothing remarkable about it. But I was thinking that maybe people need to see that artists make all sorts of drawings, and they serve different purposes, demonstrate different levels of skill or interest or whatever.

    I really enjoy making my little “morning coffee drawings” even though some of them are quite humble productions. They take my mind to different places, they let me enjoy seeing in an idle, fun way. Sometimes they are the beginnings of new directions that I’ll go with my “serious” art. I was thinking that maybe people need to see that. But I wasn’t sure.

    Your comment has vindicated my instincts! So thank you. I’m glad whenever my blog inspires people to do something that they want to do. So I wish you as much enjoyment in your “just drawing” as my “just drawing” gives me — which is A LOT!

    — Aletha

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