I posted the teaser earlier.  Here is the whole drawing I made after Paul Cezanne’s “Still life with Apples and Peaches” from the National Gallery of Art.  I made this copy from a reproduction in a book, though I have also made drawings (numerous times) in front of the actual painting.

It took me all day of drawing off and on to make all these lines.  But what a wonderful way to spend the day!  This was my trip to Aix en Provence, my chance to hang out with Cezanne yet again.

He’s my dear old pal.


5 thoughts on “The whole shebang

  1. Le mot”shebang” est soi-mème très impressionant, n’est-ce pas, Ben? C’est un veritable English-ism. Je ne sais pas comment le traduiser exactement. Où cela vient-il. Mais le son a un vrai “pop.”

    Je pense que j’étais fidèle à l’idée de Cézanne, pour la plupart. Ce qu’il serait d’accord avec ce jouet.

    Merci, Ben.

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