I was drawing blogosphere Australian poet friend Gabrielle Bryden during her rainy days away from her blog, and this drawing was the culmination of several I made which, if you are my devoted reader, you have already encountered in the previous two posts!

Of the several this one, I think, most resembles the source photo (found here).  And I like it because it’s more realistic.  But I also like it because … because … well, just because.

Why ask why.

All the drawings were made in a small Moleskin notebook using my beloved blue ball point pens.


10 thoughts on “my most definitive Gabrielle

  1. somehow the crease in the middle of the sketchbook works really well with the drawing and helps it, too. Contingency, I guess?

  2. I like the crease in the notebook, too. I wasn’t sure how others would respond to it. When you look at the notebook in real life, your mind sort of ignores the separation. Ah, but the camera doesn’t! It seems much more noticable (to me anyway) in reproduction.

    Well, I’m glad it has fans … thanks svenddottir

  3. thank you, jojoakesson, I have been raving about ball point pens in recent posts. I never realized what a subtle medium it can be, much more responsive to soft or hard lines than I knew.

  4. Wow, amazing Aletha – you certainly have captured me in that portrait, especially the expression in the eyes – haha – thank you – I will blog about it today 🙂

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