Rushing out the door

You can make something happen with a drawing even in a hurry.  Sometimes it’s good to rush yourself along so that you cannot think and you must simply react.  We were getting ready to leave.  Just a one more drawing … quick!

I have drawn this same motif — I’ve lost track how many times — so this “one more” is different from other hurry-hurry kinds of drawings.  But, whatever.  “Ours is not to reason why,” ours is just to hurry up!

Late night drawing

I have succeeded in my goal of drawing without thinking, hence I have to remind myself where the shadows fell in the night still life so that I can tell the night still life from the daylight version.  Having done that mental math, I can vouch for this being one of the drawings I made late last night.  Had I the stamina to take the drawing as deep into shadow as I actually saw it, it would be a dense mass of lines for the late night lighting was spare.  That would be a moody drawing.  Got to do that some insomnious night.

But these drawings I made last night were little caprices to help me learn the forms of the still life as well as to ward off sleep.  Sometimes you just want to stay awake a while longer.  When the drawing is going well, I am reluctant to sleep.  Just a few more lines ….

Go down that path far enough and perhaps the pen records your dreams …?

Morning drawing

This is not a morning coffee drawing.  This is a tea drawing.  I ran out of coffee (gotta get some).  I don’t know if there’s a discernible difference between coffee and tea drawings.  Others will have to judge.   I can vouch that there’s a difference felt in drinking the beverages.  Tea is gently pleasant in contrast to coffee’s fine “wow.”  Tea certainly wakes you up more slowly and meditatively.

The pen had a mind of its own and left dots of ink hither and thither adding an interesting and unintended effect.  Sometimes you have to go with the flow of gravity.  The materials are what they are, and I have learned over years not merely to respect them, but to love them.  Particularly, I love the material if it’s a blue ball point pen.

deep into space

Most of the time to enter a landscape you have to walk.  But with the drawing you make lines.  The lines stretch out to the far distance so as to suggest “this way.”  Lines cover the hedges in curls to show how round the hedges are.  Really wild foliage waves in crazy lines because millions of leaves are shaking in the wind.  And a far away tree that is the objective of your journey stands all pointy at that spot where all the straight lines converge.

And do you know why you’re going there?  Why the garden enchants?  Why some longing carries you back into space and daylight searching for the gladness of your life.