Most of the time to enter a landscape you have to walk.  But with the drawing you make lines.  The lines stretch out to the far distance so as to suggest “this way.”  Lines cover the hedges in curls to show how round the hedges are.  Really wild foliage waves in crazy lines because millions of leaves are shaking in the wind.  And a far away tree that is the objective of your journey stands all pointy at that spot where all the straight lines converge.

And do you know why you’re going there?  Why the garden enchants?  Why some longing carries you back into space and daylight searching for the gladness of your life.

2 thoughts on “deep into space

  1. If it’s the land of Narnia you can enter the landscape painting – just have to wait for the painted sea to splash on your face and the magic of Narnia to pull you in – to the safety of the Dawn Treader.

  2. Having ink on your fingers from a blue ball point pen is almost like being splashed in the face by the painted sea …. into the landscape I go!

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