I have succeeded in my goal of drawing without thinking, hence I have to remind myself where the shadows fell in the night still life so that I can tell the night still life from the daylight version.  Having done that mental math, I can vouch for this being one of the drawings I made late last night.  Had I the stamina to take the drawing as deep into shadow as I actually saw it, it would be a dense mass of lines for the late night lighting was spare.  That would be a moody drawing.  Got to do that some insomnious night.

But these drawings I made last night were little caprices to help me learn the forms of the still life as well as to ward off sleep.  Sometimes you just want to stay awake a while longer.  When the drawing is going well, I am reluctant to sleep.  Just a few more lines ….

Go down that path far enough and perhaps the pen records your dreams …?

2 thoughts on “Late night drawing

  1. You may one night walk in your sleep and pick up that blue ball-point pen – give your subconscious some instructions before you sleep and let’s see what happens on the page – you never know – I tell my subconcious what time to wake and that always works 🙂

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