Did you ever need to draw a cat and realize that you don’t have a cat?  Well, I did.

I used to have a cat.  But I don’t have a cat anymore.  I’m catless.  Still the desire to draw a cat comes over me from time to time.  So feeling the feline mood recently, I (poised with my blue ball point pen in hand) surfed the internet in search of somebody else’s cat to draw.  Happily, lots of cat enthusiasts post pictures of their beloved pets. (I would too if I had a cat.)

Happily too all cats do almost exactly the same things so the odds of my ever getting “caught” using “this” picture or “that” one is totally eliminated.  Well, that and the fact that this is a most summary and capricious cat drawing.

It’s just a quick sketch.  Just had to get it out of my system.

3 thoughts on “sometimes you just have to draw a cat

  1. Aletha,
    It’s true. Sometimes one just has to draw a cat, or bird, or a fish, or a flower. In fact I have ideas for drawings and paintings lined up to infinity and I’ll bet you do too. It’s quite wonderful, isn’t it!

    Frank, You are so perceptive. I do have a list of “things to draw” — some lists that I have actually written down and other lists that I just carry around in my head. But this cat thing — I don’t know what it’s about. I am a currently a catless cat lover. And there’s just something about a cat. Other drawings I do for the sake of drawing. The cat drawings, though, is really just about the cat. Aletha

  2. I remember my cats, looking at your drawing! Specially the one eye half open to see what’ going on!

    Yes, it’s hard once having had a cat not to miss having cats around … though I should add that Gibbs the Hamster is quite content to live in a cat-free environment.

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