The morning coffee drawing was supposed to be about “unimpeded thought.”  I had been learning about free-association as a means of invention in writing.  Ray Bradbury had said that “we’ve become so conditioned to worry about grammar, word choice, and punctuation that we deny ourselves the luxury of unimpeded thought.”  So I was asking myself what would be comparable in drawing?  The trip to Unimpeded Thought sounds like just the destination I’ve been looking for:  forget these adverts for world cruises to all the tropical paradises.  Just put me on the slow boat to Unimpeded Thought.  Hey, I like luxury as much as the next person.

Only problem is that I’m not sure how to get there.

Have to contemplate it some more ….

In the interim I sought to remove all mental barriers between me and my still life objects, they who pose so nicely for me day and night.


2 thoughts on “unimpeded thought

  1. aloha Aletha – i like your unimpeded image and thought. that does have the sound of luxury to it… for me… i think that unimpededness is akin to looking without naming what my eyes see. then drawing that. fun. unimpeded on – aloha.

    aloha Rick, the term “unimpeded thought” is one I read about in a book on writing and immediately saw how it applied to drawing. so many of the barriers are self-erected and I’ve been wondering why anyone puts the barriers up — wondering why I put barriers in my own way too. I’m still thinking about it because I realize that I still do it. I have eliminated some barriers and have erected different new ones. I suppose they serve a purpose. But taking them down serves a purpose too …?? fun to contemplate — Aletha

  2. Can see the coffee at work 🙂 You think you are in control but really it is the caffeine and cats!

    Ha ha! I stand corrected. Caffeine and cats rule.

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