To have your thoughts be unimpeded means — to some extent — removing the obstacles that impede them.  Some of those obstacles are doubt and second guessing.  Another obstacle is lack of skill.  The latter obstacle has all kinds of irony attached to it since going forward with one’s desire leads eventually toward gaining the skill.  If you draw when you think that perhaps you can’t, you move yourself in the direction of getting the skill that you fear you lack.

It is self correcting.  So you just have to draw anyway.  Draw as though you have the skill, as though you have no doubts, and you have removed some of the obstacles that impede thought.

2 thoughts on “unincumbering

  1. It is a tricky thing, sometimes I feel “the more you know, the less you know!
    This drawing is beautiful, I love the light flowing in it.

    Seeking a balance of skillfully knowing much while being visually innocent, to be able to draw with freedom and directness while looking at the world as though it were all brand new — I don’t know how to get there, but I figure it’s a good aspiration to have.

  2. ‘unincumbering’ – now that is a monster of a word – take it apart and you nearly have a cucumber – which I think would be nicer (and smells good) 🙂 Lovely painting/drawing Aletha!

    What an interesting thought — add some tomatoes and olive oil and you’ve got a word salad. Okay, now I’m hungry.

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