We have a cute little bunny in the garden.  I decided that whenever I hear notification that there’s a bunny sighting, I will leap away from whatever I’m doing, grabbing pen and notebook in mid-volt, and draw the little fellow.

Guess what?  He has exactly the same idea!  Everytime I appear at the window he disappears!

I got off maybe six lines up there?  Six lines in 2 seconds.  Poof!  Empty space where a bunny used to be.

Once upon a time I had my OWN bunny.  She was much more cooperative.

The new rabbit is too frisky.  His momma told him always to be frisky in the garden because the gardener doesn’t like little bunnies.  Alas, he always takes his momma’s advice!


2 thoughts on “Drawing the bunny from life, lessons in spontaneity

  1. très mignon les lapins!
    C’est la même chose ici avec les écureuils, ils ne veulent pas poser!

    Your comment anticipates one of my upcoming posts about a squirrel at the window! Ils ne veulent pas poser et donc il faut dessiner très vite!

  2. Such a beautiful bunny (your pet) – we are not allowed rabbits as pets in Queensland but I’ve always wanted one. We do have wild hares around but they can only be seen really early in the morning (usually) and I like to be tucked up in bed at that hour (obviously not dedicated enough – haha).

    yes, I used to have my tame rabbits and now we have wild ones — our wild and tame never met — if you want to coach your wild hares to visit at more convenient hours, plant a garden! Plant it and they will come, but don’t be surprised to discover yourself turning into Mr. MacGregor!

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