Let’s say you don’t know what to do.  What if you had to survey all the stuff of your life just to find out what it was that mattered?  You catalog your stuff — your mental furniture — one thing at a time.  You reexamine each still life object, or your garden at various times of day, you look at your own hands with new questionings, you carefully study the jar of rocks on the window ledge, your creamer, your house, even your weather.

We’re not talking about casual glances here.  What if each thing needed really careful scrutinizing?  What if your being an artist depended upon it!

Perhaps this is beginning to sound scary.  (I don’t wish to frighten anyone.)  Let’s walk this back.  We’re not urging millions of drawings on anyone.  And anyway to catalog your world could be wonderful.

I am merely suggesting that if you did need to revisit all the reasons, to retake your bearings, that you would just have to do it.  And you’d start from scratch.  You have to start somewhere.  Anywhere.

That first decision — I bet it would be interesting — wouldn’t that gesture take on a whole new meaning?

4 thoughts on “the scrutiny

  1. Aletha, tu m’as convaincue, j’adore dessiner avec un stylo bille bleu!
    magnifique coquillage!

    merci beaucoup, le stylo bille bleu est magnifique! jouissent dessin!

  2. I have come here on Benedicte’s recommendation and what a lovely discovery!

    Hi Maureen! I saw your drawings using the link at Benedicte’s blog. I enjoy your varied and incisive portraits very much. Thanks for checking out my blog and for leaving a comment. Would love to hear from you again. — Aletha

  3. I haven’t seen your shell for such a long time – it was one of the first drawings I saw of yours on your blog. Writing poems is similar – take something that has happened and want to write about it, and you realise it requires extra scrutiny of motives, opinions, prejudices and such like

    how sweet that you remembered my shell — it’s very special to me — whenever I want to try something new, learn something new, I usually try it on the shell — any excuse …

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