They should not have wanted to eliminate the confusions in art.  Instead those confusions should be sought.  One ought to want to go inside the difficulties.  If you seek mystery, isn’t this the place to find it, in confusion?  If you don’t know what you are seeing — or you know the name of the thing, but even as you are looking at it, you cannot decide what it looks like … isn’t that an authentic question?  Shouldn’t an artist desire the direct impress of seeing that includes all sorts of unanswered questions that come into your mind, one question after another, as you attempt to take the vision apart?

It goes toward some foundation of perception to ask yourself almost daily, “What does the world really look like?”  Pose it as a question.  If you think you know, you have already layered it over with thoughts.  Keep asking the question of the different objects of sight, at different times of day, in the different seasons of time.

9 thoughts on “against avoiding mystery

  1. a splendid drawing Aletha, and full of mystery. The light is very mysterious, just on the flowers, like a moon ray falling on them.

    thank you, Ben! I’m always trying to be mysterious! merci!

  2. This is a beautiful drawing. I love you, an artist, you digging into our ordinary surroundings, revealing hidden mystery.

    Thank you for your kind words, Hye Coh.

  3. an interesting tidbit about bonnard is he never painted directly from life; rather, he made pencil drawings with notes on color, then painted from the drawings. He used memory a lot in the making of his pictures.
    Nice drawing btw.

    Thank you for the information about Bonnard’s working methods, Simon Shawn Andrews.

  4. Fantastic. Rather like a piece of Delft pottery in pen mixed with a Victorian photograph of a seance. really clever use of absence.

    Thank you, Jeff, for your comment! You made my day!

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