When I was a secretary working for the United States in the government green hallways of the labyrinthine State Department building my job saw me often being the go-fer (go get this, go get that) and I learned to navigate the maze of block-long hallways as though I lived there.  Doing errands represented the part of my job I liked best because it was so dream-like: probably 85% of my dreams involve moving through strange architectural spaces.

During one of my routine gofer journeys I passed through an eddy in the space-time continuum and my life changed.  I was walking down the hall and turned a corner.  That was all I did physically.  But as I entered the new hallway after the turn, I realized that something strange had happened.  I even stopped in the middle of the empty hall (sections of hallway were often empty since people were usually in their office suites).  I stood there a moment and looked around to see if I could detect what had happened.

I knew that my life had just changed direction, and that it was an exceedingly subtle but perceptible change.  I recalled the metaphor of the oceanliner that changes course by turning –subtle change for the giant boat on the big sea — turning a wee fraction and arriving at some vastly different place on the globe than if it had kept to its original course.

My walking through the hallway was like that.  Slight turn and I was heading toward a wildly different destination.  Later I quit my job and began doing art full time.  I began by turning from one federal hallway into another one.

2 thoughts on “Oceanic feeling

  1. Je pense que marcher active le cerveau et marcher dans un univers a la Kafka donne des experiences interessantes.
    Bon choix!

    Je pensais d’ombres, je suppose, mais ces expériences n’ont pas à être sombre. Il existe de nombreuses formes lumineuses et gaies de la confusion.

  2. I read your first sentence as ‘secretly working for the United States Government’ – haha – and thought holey moley 🙂 I like the idea of the ship taking a slight shift of course and that makes a huge difference in destination. I often dream of walking though a huge array of buildings – castles, houses, etc.,

    hahahaha! from my brief experience as a federal employee I would have to admit that some federal workers do keep their work secret — so secret it’s hard to discern — was one reason I said “bye bye”

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