Just returned from the National Gallery of Art in Washington where I made some drawings after old masters.  I can give advice about ways that artists can learn to draw more spontaneously, but it’s harder when I have to take my own advice.  Drawing in museums where masterworks hang all around can be intimidating, and as I wandered through the galleries it was difficult to settle upon one thing and just draw it.  Once I decided to draw, it was also challenging to begin when so many visitors were nearby possibly to observe me.  But I did recall to myself the advice I give out.  And I can hardly expect anyone to listen to me if I won’t listen to myself.

So I just started.  One of the drawings I made is the sketch above.


2 thoughts on “drawing at the museum

  1. The best advice ” just start drawing”.
    I had drawn , not a lot, publicly and it is like diving in a cold pool, a shock , at first, then you dont feel the coldness of the water, just enjoy the swim.

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