At the National Gallery of Art in Washington I made a study of the head of a Rembrandt portrait.  I was consciously trying to think about the drawing in a way that fit what I know of Rembrandt’s drawings.   So I was looking at the painting, but thinking about Rembrandt drawing and trying to imagine what an early version of the painting might have looked like — when Rembrandt was drawing in the features with his brush.


3 thoughts on “after Rembrandt

  1. Aletha, Your blue pen portraits are quite wonderful. This one, especially, shows a depth of feeling–sadness?–that Rembrandt must have felt later in life.

    Thank you, Frank, and your comment about Rembrandt is perceptive. In the late works I think you’re right that there is an element of sadness. How neat to think that my drawing has captured some of that aspect. — Aletha

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