I try to run a full service blog, and whenever I learn about a good art website I link it here.  Consequently if you ever want to go art surfing on a rainy day, remember my sidebar.  Recently I went through all the links to check their status and I eliminated ones that had expired.  I also rearranged things a bit to make them more organized.  But everyone likes different things, so you have to explore on your own to find whatever suits you.  However, I can assure you — whoever you are — that there’s something here for you because I’ve assembled quite a variety of sites over time.

From time to time, I’d like to feature certain ones that I think are especially noteworthy.  Today’s candidate is the Rembrandt van Rijn: life, paintings, etchings, drawings and self-portraits site.  It has good reproductions of the major paintings and also an excellent selection of drawings and etchings of good quality and resolution. 

I’m always encouraging people to copy old master pictures for the sake of all that you can learn.  Thanks to the good quality of these images at this Rembrandt website, you can observe the varied techniques Rembrandt used, Rembrandt that always intrepid 17th century art explorer.  Copying drawings in imitation of his specific techniques and materials is one thing to try, or copy images translating them to other media (like maybe into blue ball point pen — just sayin’) or find your own motif and work directly from life in emulation of the ways that Rembrandt teaches through his imagery — these are all possibilities.  And no doubt you’ll think up other possibilities of your own. 

But here’s a great site for study and for pure enjoyment.


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