Versions, another cat

As with most motifs I draw, I redrew the cat several times.  I used a photo (not having an actual cat anymore) and made several very different drawings from the same source photo.

So, I guess we’d have to call them “mistakes” given that they do not accurately reproduce the photo.  But I love my “mistakes” — they turn one cat into several, each with a different mood.

Cherish your mistakes, artists, and be sure to make as many of them as you can!  Il faut refaire la même chose dix fois cents fois.  [You must redo the same thing ten times a hundred times.]  Mr. Degas said it!  And we must do it!

Cat with attitude

I haven’t had a cat in a long time, but sometimes I just need to draw one anyway.  However, when I did have a cat, I often got this look.  Some cats can get annoyed at their humans so easily.  Evidently, patience is just not part of their package.

I’m just a human!  I couldn’t help it!

(Try not to annoy the cat.)