I got a new set of pen nibs yesterday.  First time I’ve been nib shopping in over two decades.  Inspired by something I read, I decided to use a calligraphy pen for some of my drawings in the interest of finding different textures of line.  I am assuming that the annoyance of having to keep recharging the pen by dipping it into ink will be worth the difference that’s available.  And I’m sure it will be.  I really am.  All artists’ materials have their advantages and disadvantages.  With this calligraphy pen, you have an extra step and the delay irritates a little — and yet from the experience overall one learns not just new techniques but how to be more patient.  So all in all, it’s worth the effort.

The drawing above was made using one of the famous blue ball point pens — this particular ball point pen lays down extra bits of ink at unpredictable moments and gives the drawing an accidental element of rhythm that I like.  The drawing below was made using the new calligraphic pen, and it takes a beat away whenever the pen runs out of ink.

So one pen gives you an extra note, and the other pen adds rests.  Is a very musical sort of drawing, if you ask me ….

One thought on “Musical drawing, silences and beats

  1. I like the musical comparison and prefer the one with rests if I had to choose!

    Thank you, Maureen, and it’s fun finding out which drawing someone prefers. — Aletha

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