I would have posted sooner but I was busy battling spiders during significant portions of the last 24 hours.  (Don’t ask.)  Happily I can proclaim that so far the score is Aletha – 3 — Spiders – 0.

Anyway, before the spiders’ debacle, I had begun drawing faces again.  Inspired by Julia Kay’s Portrait party as well as by some interesting books, I decided it was time for some more faces made with the blue ball point pen.  I used photos from Julia Kay’s Portrait party even though I’m not participating officially in that large and now famous group.

I try not to let anything keep me from my art, but sometimes we have to bow to life.  I could have decided to use the blue ball point pen also to make some more spider drawings — as a way of seeking cure for my incommodious arachnophobia.  But the picture of each spider smeared so unfortunately upon the carpet would not make for happy art.  The third one was returned to the wild, where he’s learned a valuable lesson.

Just when I was making progress … alas.  I was trying to like them, and unfortunately they sought rather unwisely to reciprocate ….


2 thoughts on “I’d rather be drawing

  1. dear Aletha thank God you survived! My winter days are
    cold and gloomy but your wonderful blog fuels my
    amateur artistic enthusiasm. Those faces are alive

    thank you for these kind words — I’m always hoping that the blog will help other artists. Oh, and yes, I survived! The spiders did not fare as well, not all of them ….

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