The honey jar is a clock and its facets tell the time.  You can draw the honey jar anytime, day or night, winter or summer.  And the sum of its faces are time spelled out in a recondite facet language of photons bouncing off flat glass surfaces.  Now, I don’t pretend to be able to read this clock — nor do I know what its time tells.  I only know that it provides a place to watch — a kind of scenic overlook — from which one gets glimpses of the Cosmos.

The colors in the facets are astonishing.  I do try to paint them.  But even in drawing them, though they aren’t recorded, I did see them.  And these drawings that are etched in the mind — they do matter.  Take heed what you look at, notice what makes you stare, or what images send you off into reveries.  For they were etched into the drawing tablet of the mind, stored like accounts in a bank.

Do choose good things.  Store up fine images in your mind.  Think ahead like the bees who make their honey.  Like squirrels who prepare for winter, find things to remember and put them somewhere where you can expect to find them again.  And those memories will also be kinds of clocks, like the facets of the honey jar.

2 thoughts on “Blue Honey

  1. I am really loving your sketches… quite by accident, I came across someone else drawing with a blue ballpoint pen… her images are quite different, but I think you might like them! Her name is Joanna Newsham, she is from Auckland, New Zealand,, and she has a book in the Sketchbook Project of 2012:
    Thanks, too, for your commentary as you work!!!

    Ann, I got curious and did a little research on the Bic Cristal pen, turns out its U.S. 50th anniversary was a few years ago and its 6oth anniversary was last year, I think. The pen company is French, which I guess makes the pen French — so technically speaking the Bic Cristal is a French product and therefore qualifies as a fancy and chic drawing tool — because it’s, you know, French …. just like Claude Monet and all that! I suspect that the other artist and I — and who knows how many untold others — are just responding to this very sympa vibe ….

    Or something like that …. certainly the fact that they’re wonderful to draw with and dirt cheap has encouraged me a lot! I will check out this other artist’s work. Thanks for the link. — Aletha

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