I hope you missed me.  I certainly missed you.  Our internet went out at a time when too many other things were going on for us to be able to concentrate on fixing it.  (However, we did call our internet provider, and they sent a technician to us one afternoon who when he left our house was as flummoxed as we were.)  Turns out that our security service in an upgrade did something that “was causing some users to lose internet connectivity” — we were among those users.  And I was the person who finally solved the mystery, muddling around with the computer yesterday in a lazy afternoon way.  Can you believe it?  Little low-tech me.

My only question now is: does this make me officially a geek?


7 thoughts on ““Welcome back” to me and you

  1. YES! I missed you! I checked for you and could not find you. I have missed your insightful, sincere musings about life and art. Plus your blue ballpoint pen sketchings.Please maintain your “geekness” and keep your internet connection intact.
    😉 Connie

    Thank you, Connie. I will try to maintain the geek status, though one notes that the technology gets more and more complicated! But it’s heartening to know I was missed. It’s good to be back.

  2. Definitely edging toward the geek side of character 🙂 I asked the same question of myself when my PC stuffed up and I managed to fix it by going back in time (reverted to a previous date setting on the computer – haha) – Selma told me I was indeed a geek but one fixed computer a geek do not make 🙂

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