I have resumed doing a series of koi drawings of different sizes.  And in between drawing the koi, I do fast drawings after old masters.  I pick up whatever book is lying nearby. (A book on Paul Cezanne is often one of those lying near by.)  I flip to a random page.   And I start drawing.

Looking at paintings I love — by old masters — with pen in hand — sets my thoughts free.  I copy Cezanne fast.  Pick any spot in his picture that catches my interest and just dive in.

It’s like having a conversation with someone from the past.  And we speak entirely in images.

4 thoughts on “Moments between moments

  1. thank you for this post I missed them a lot.
    Cezanne did not know that his focus on geometric shapes
    would start the demise of poetic art XX century artista banished
    nature and sensibility from art. only scaffolds remain

    We are not done with Cezanne yet! His art can have many
    effects! Let’s start the change, artists! Cezanne gets my koi swimming.
    So you never know what crazy influence he’s having in the wide world.
    Thank you for your comment.

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