Last night I was drawing my small deep blue copy of the dark and moody Van Gogh still life of potatoes (above).  And that is a great night meditation, let me tell you, those deep shadows and the humble potatoes, the basket-like-a-bird’s-nest.  And then this morning the sun rises and I have new yellow still life objects just discovered at the second-hand store!

Day and night wonders.

4 thoughts on “night and day

  1. this blog is out of the common, a great artist shares
    with us her inner soul, thank you dear Aletha for inspiring us

    thank you, Victor, for this very kind, encouraging comment

  2. I look forward to seeing each of your beautiful blue drawings they have an energetic magic about them.

    thank you very much, Caroline

  3. I do love me a sack of potatoes and that drawing is as good as the real thing – wonderful Aletha 🙂

    they come from inside the earth and remind us of our coming from earth also, part of what Van Gogh realizes in his painting

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