As the old masters go, Vincent Van Gogh is actually one of the younger old masters.  Some of the old dead guys have been living in the great hereafter much longer than him.  He’s just a new kid on the block.  And yet he has ties do the whole tradition in his painting.  He’s also the Patron Saint of Self Taught Artists, so he’s a good go-to guy for learning in the visual arts.

I learn from the old guys by copying their pictures, and since I’ve been thinking about flower painting a lot lately.  I decided I could benefit by a “refresher course.”

The Van Gogh painting that I copy above using the Blue Ball Point Pen was among those pictures Van Gogh made when he was in Paris in 1886.

3 thoughts on “My pal Van Gogh

  1. You have some great friends Aletha 😉 A very energetic blue ball point pen painting this one!

    I have some terrific friends. I have some terrific blogger friends, too — did I mention that ….

  2. A beautiful deep blue and a beautiful bouquet! How many pens for this drawing?

    As you see it here, there are two pens. The Bic Cristal — my staple pen, my hero — and some other brand (hmmm, I guess I really am showing pen partiality) — the second pen is much darker. And in a little bit of subsequent work on the drawing I added a light pale blue-green to some passages.

  3. Hi again Aletha,
    Funny you should mention copying the old masters. I just copied “Mary Magdelene” by Artemesia Gentileschi and have begun copying her “Judith Beheading Holofernes.” Not easy, and there are some mistakes. I intend to place them as part of the backround in a large (30X40″) acrylic painting on which I am workuing. They are in watercolor and I consider them studies. So I will draw and paint them again when I put them on the painting. I have just copyrighted all my paintings and am in the process getting a website. You’ll be able to see this current painting when it’s finished (and, of course, my others) soon.

    Gentileschi, by the way, was a women in a man’s world. She was heavily influenced by Caravaggio, and I feel that some of her paintings rival his.

    That is terrific news, Frank! I look forward to seeing your website. Please let me know when it’s up and running. — Aletha

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