Scribble time machine

Going through an old portfolio I rediscovered this drawing made when my daughter was a toddler.  To get back into painting, I had begun doing large drawings that were rehearsals for paintings.  I drew from photographs.  As you can tell, I drew very freely.  I suspect that others who might be looking at this probably cannot tell what it is.  It doesn’t matter.

They are scribbles!

This was one of several drawings I made using children’s materials on large sheets of inexpensive paper as practice for a large painting.  I used children’s materials so that my daughter could join me, which she was eager to do and which afforded me the leisure to draw — since if I had needed to be watching her crawl through the house I wouldn’t have been able to draw at all.  Instead we were both kept busy.  The paper was taped to the wall,  she drew on the left and me on the right.  I can still recall what it was like us sitting there together, busily working.

Looking at the drawing today takes me back to those toddler days.  It also gives me ideas for the future.